Tax Advice

Ongoing Tax Advice

For years Trotter Studio Associato has provided ongoing consultancy to industrial, commercial, and financial companies.

As part of its tax consultancy the Practice assists its clients with all the formalities called for by tax regulations:


  • Calculating reserves for IRES [Regional Company Tax] and IRAP [Regional Production Tax].
  • Determining pre-paid and deferred taxes.
  • Calculating tax settlement and deposit payments.
  • Preparing and submitting tax returns (direct taxes, VAT, taxpayers' representatives).
  • Solutions to various direct or indirect tax problems or those related to taxpayer's representatives that come about in relation to ordinary activity, by means of replies over the phone or written opinions.
  • Assistance in requesting reimbursements.
  • Procedures for access to, management of and getting out of specific tax regimes (consolidated tax positions, transparency, etc.).
  • Interpretation and practical implementation of tax regulations.
  • Criteria for determining the overall income of people and legal entities, for the purposes of Direct Taxes.
  • Interpretation and implementations of tax regulations in relation to VAT, Registration tax, and other indirect taxes.