Legal advice

Ongoing legal advice in company and contractual matters


Trotter Studio Associato assists the administrative department in the following legal requirements:

  • Keeping of the company's books.
  • Drawing up the minutes of shareholders meetings and Board of Directors meetings.
  • Compliance of procedures for various company events such as capital increases, changes to articles of association, exercising company rights, etc.

Assistance with negotiating and drawing up contracts.

  • Works and sales contracts - national and international.
  • National and international distribution contracts, such as agency, business scout, sale concession, purchase and sale commission, and estimation contracts.
  • Bank contracts such as mortgages, opening lines of credit and related personal and real guarantees.
  • Financial contracts, such as leasing, loans and operations, factoring and cash pooling.
  • Cooperation contracts such as company and contractual joint ventures, and co-involved contracts.

For years Trotter Studio Associato provides ongoing consultancy to industrial, commercial, and financial companies.
In particular, in the financial brokering sector the experience of our consultants allows the Practice to assist with the specific tax compliance activities of Banks, Savings Management Companies, Property Brokering Companies, and Holding companies.